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If you read my blog, you know that I am a budget traveler through and through.  I will not buy products unless I feel they add great value to our travels. That being said, these products are the few that I use and highly recommend.  After nearly 400 flights, these are the must-have items for travel with kids.

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Travel with Kids Essential  Equipment

Kids need a lot of stuff!  The hardest to travel with is car seats.  We always try to bring the car seats on the plane if our child has a seat. The best way to get a 5-point harness car seat through the airport is with this amazing (and cheap) strap that used the car seat’s latch system to hook the car seat onto your carry-on!

If your Child is older and can ride in a booster,these 2 options are the best space savers!


Bubble bum

This Cosco Seneca is the lightest weight, easiest to get in and out of cars transportable 5-point car seat we have found!  It is cheap enough that buying it at your location is better than renting a car seat from the rental company!

Melatonin! For sleeping in strange locations, jet lag, and calming kids, I cannot recommend chewy melatonin enough!  My kids are always asleep within 30 mins of taking melatonin no matter where we are.  This is essential for traveling!

For red-eye flights, an eye mask and earplugs help me and my kids get some shut eye

Travel with Kids: Baby Products

Snap and Go stroller- use this with most infant car seats.  You can take your car seat up to (and on the plane if baby has a seat) leaving your hands free.  Its lightweight, easy to fold and small to fit in small rental cars.

Getting through the airport with a baby can be challenging.  A wrap like this K’tan is essential.  I love this one because you throw it over your head and its ready to add the baby (unlike the Moby wrap or the backpacks with all the buckles).  When babywearing in a wrap, you can have hands free in the security line and you can walk through with baby in the wrap.  This was essential when my toddlers needed me to hold their hands AND luggage and a baby.  Upon take off and landing on the plane, you are asked to take the baby out of the wrap, but the wrap is still essential for on the plane bathroom breaks and having hands-free to help other children.

Bib- the best, easy to clean and reuse, great coverage.  Love these bib!

This doubles as a carseat cover and nursing cover.  Perfect for flights with a little baby.

If your child takes a binky, a clip is a must!  and a case with backup binkies is essential too!  I love binky’s!




Formula container for emergency bottles. You will not find bottles, formula, baby food etc in the airports anywhere (believe me, I’ve looked!) so bring enough formula for any delays or problems that come up.

A white noise machine helps our entire family sleep through the night when we have a baby who is still getting up for night-feedings.  The battery option makes this perfect for cabins or camping or outdoors noise as well.

Travel with Kids Entertainment

When we travel with kids, they each get a backpack with headphones, a tablet, coloring books and crayons or gel pens.   We also throw in snacks for every trip.

The camelback is perfect for the older traveler so you can also use it on day trips and hikes at your destination.

On top of those must-have items for every flight, we add in other fun things to do on the go.  Our favorites are these: 

We also love travel games in the hotels, waiting in the airport or any other downtime.


This post will be evolving as I think of things I cannot travel without, so save to Pinterest to prepare for your trip later.

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