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*I partnered with Epic Waters to provide information about Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Boy kneels on a boogie board at the FloRider at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

When my kids came home from school saying they had a chance to win tickets to Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, I had to look it up to see what all the fuss was about.  I was surprised to find an indoor waterpark offering so much to do.

We jumped at the opportunity to experience Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark as a family on Memorial Day.  Our kids were up early as the excitement of going to a new water park grew. Splash area at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand Prairie

After our family spent over 6 hours at this waterpark, I’ll share the most exciting parts of our experience.

Here are 4 reasons to make Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark your next water adventure.

1. Epic Waters Park is Indoors!

view from inside Server at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand Prairie
The view of Grand Prairie

The roof of Epic Waters Grand Prairie is see-through, so you get all the benefits of feeling like you are outdoors, without the negatives. There are 4 major benefits of being in an indoor facility.

A. Proximity Dad and baby splash on a slide at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand Prairie

The water park is 80,000 square feet of fun and attractions covered by a massive retractable roof.  Because of this, everything is close together.  This meant that it was easy to allow my older son to experience the rides he wanted and still keep an eye on my toddler at the splash area.  It was easy to find my spouse when we got split up.  Since the lazy river is the longest in Texas, it winds around the entire area making it easy to see your group going by.

B. Shade!

I don’t know about you, but half-way through a Texas summer, the sun starts to look like the devil.  Burning, fiery and hot.  Escaping the sun becomes my goal.  Usually, we can beat the heat with water, but will then still have to be in the sun.

Epic Waters is the perfect solution.  It is a water park with shade from the sun.  The roof must be tinted or something because it felt like we were shaded everywhere except the spots where the retractable roof was open.  This provided some true sunlight, but only a little bit.

I didn’t even need to sunscreen my kids all day!  To go all day without having to sunscreen all four kids multiple times is a Mom’s dream, right?

C. Year-Round, Everyday Access

Winter-time, rainy-days and cold temperatures can’t stop the fun at Epic Waters Grand Prairie.  Mother Nature can’t interfere with your plans at Epic Waters since they can just close the roof and proceed as normal.

How fun would it be to celebrate your winter-born kid with a birthday party at Epic water park?  Totally unexpected and exciting!

D. A Limited Number of Guests

Only 1,500 guests are allowed in the facility at a time.  If the park fills up, they will allow entry upon people leaving the park, but you may have to wait a while.
This means that there is a limit to the amount of chaos and line waiting you will do at Epic Water Park. The guest experience can be better with a smaller crowd.

2. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Includes Everything You Needa boy smiles while riding a shark at a pool at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand Prairie

I’ve been to multiple water parks that make you pay for parking, tubes, and all the extras after you purchase the ticket.  At Epic Waters Indoor Park, you will get access to

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • Tubes for rides
  • Life Jackets of all sizes
  • FlowRider and all 11 slides and attractions
  • Lazy River, Outdoor Wave pool {opening summer 2018}, and pool with basketball hoops
  • Showers and dressing area in the bathrooms

*Lockers and Food do cost extra.  No outside food is permitted. Towels are not provided.

All these extras are included in the ticket price, making it easy to relax and enjoy our time.

3. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark has Amazing ServiceFood at Epic Waters Indroo Water Park Grand Prairie

We had the opportunity to enjoy a covered cabana (available for reservation) and order food poolside.  Our server was so attentive.  He came by every 15 mins to see if we needed anything and refresh our water.   He brought our food order in a timely manner (sooner than we were expecting it!).  The food from Hungry Wave Cafe and drinks from LongBoards (the full-service bar) were just what we needed to keep having fun for hours.

The Lifeguards at the FlowRider were patient and kind as they taught myself and my children how to get on the boogie board and move out into the water. Their service was much appreciated!

4. Fun for All Ages

Despite having 4 children with different ages, abilities, and interests, we found plenty to entertain each age at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark.

Toddlers a girl in a lifejacket kicks in the spash area at Server at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand Prairie

My 18 month old loved the zero entry splash area complete with fountains and water galore.  She spent hours climbing the stairs and ventured down the simple slides in that area.


Young girls at a pool

While the slides and splash area was perfect for my preschooler, she really loved the lazy river.  It is only 3 ft deep which means my preschool could navigate it without much help.  She loved the independence and excitement of winding around the river.


My 7-year-old daughter loved every part of Epic Waterpark.  She got brave and tried the Flowrider and the AquaNaut.  But she also loved the pool, lazy river, and splash area.  I love racing her down the E-racers (laying forward facing on a mat).


Boy waves on a flo-rider at Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark Grand PrairieMy 10-year-old son had a blast on the FlowRider, the Aquanaut, the racer tubes and the YellowJacket Drop.  He couldn’t get enough of running {I mean ‘walking’ of course!} from ride to ride.

Teens and Above

For thrill seekers, there is the Lasso, in which the floor drops out from under your feet and you plunge and then go upside down in a loop!

As for myself and my husband, we loved interacting and playing with our kids.  The plentiful chairs, cabanas, and places to watch our kids have a blast made our stay enjoyable.  We relaxed in the lazy river and the pool next to our cabana.  Our kid’s smiles and happiness were everything we wanted for a fun family day.

Check out the tickets, annual passes, birthday parties,  or group events on the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark website.

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